The Ventilator Book by William Owens MD

The Ventilator Book

Book Title: The Ventilator Book

Publisher: First Draught Press

ISBN: 098529650X

Author: William Owens MD

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William Owens MD with The Ventilator Book

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If you need something that teaches you both the concepts of mechanical ventilation and how to manage patients with respiratory failure, this is the book for you. The Ventilator Book is written to be read in the ICU or Emergency Department. It is a clearly written guide to the basics of mechanical ventilation and the treatment of respiratory failure. So...what’s in the book? The How-To Guide--here’s where you’ll find good information about initial setup, quick adjustments, and troubleshooting. The How-To Guide is all you need to get through a busy night on call in the ICU. The Eleven Commandments of Mechanical Ventilation The Owner’s Manual--this is a more in-depth discussion of different modes, PEEP, trigger, flow, and liberation from mechanical ventilation. There are also chapters on high frequency oscillatory ventilation and airway pressure release ventilation, as well as a chapter on taking care of the patient with prolonged respiratory failure. Each chapter is concise and can be read in 10-20 minutes. Appendix of Useful Knowledge--equations and formulas that are useful for attending rounds, pimping, and presentations. They can also be used from time to time to take care of critically ill patients.